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林信宏 (Hsin-Hung Lin)

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國立臺灣大學 生命科學院 植物學研究所博士

國立臺灣大學 理學院 植物科學研究所碩士

中國文化大學 農學院 園藝系學士


博士論文: Hsin-Hung Lin and Shih-Tong Jeng (2009) Effect of calcium ion and carbon monoxide on the expression of wound-inducible ipomoelin gene from sweet potato. 國立臺灣大學植物科學研究所

碩士論文: Hsin-Hung Lin and Shih-Tong Jeng (2003) The Effects of Poly(A) Signals from Tobacco Endochitinase Gene in the length of Poly(A) Sites and the Stability of mRNA. 國立臺灣大學植物學研究所


中央研究院 生物多樣性中心 博士後研究員

中央研究院 基因體研究中心 博士後研究員

國立臺灣大學 園藝暨景觀學系 博士後研究員


Maloyjo Joyraj Bhattacharjee, Chun-Ping Yu, Jinn-Jy Lin, Cheng Siang Ng, Tzi-Yuan Wang, Hsin-Hung Lin, and Wen-Hsiung Li (2016) Regulatory Divergence among Beta-Keratin Genes during Bird Evolution. Molecular Biology and Evolution 33: 2769-2780. (Evolutionary biology ranking: 2/49)

Chi-Fa Huang, Yao-Ming Chang, Jinn-Jy Lin, Chun-Ping Yu, Hsin-Hung Lin, Wen-Yu Liu, Suying Yeh, Shih-Long Tu, Shu-Hsing Wu, Maurice SB Ku and Wen-Hsiung Li (2016) Insights into the regulation of C4 leaf development from comparative transcriptomic analysis. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 30: 1-10. (Plant science ranking: 8/222)

*Chun-Ping Yu, *Sean C.-C. Chen, *Yao-Ming Chang, *Wen-Yu Liu, *Hsin-Hung Lin, Jinn-Jy Lin, Hsiang June Chen, Yu-Ju Lu, Yi-Hsuan Wu, Mei-Yeh Jade Lu, Chen- Hua Lu, Arthur Chun-Chieh Shih, Maurice S. B. Ku, Shin-Han Shiu, Shu-Hsing Wu and Wen-Hsiung Li (2015) Transcriptome dynamics of developing maize leaves and genome-wide prediction of cis elements and their cognate transcription factors. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112: E2477-E2486. (*co- first; Multidisciplinary sciences ranking: 5/64)

*Hsin-Hung Lin, *Kuan-Hung Lin, Jia-Yu Syu, Shun-Yuan Tang and Hsiao-Feng Lo (2015) Physiological and proteomic analysis in two wild tomato lines under waterlogging and high temperature stress. Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 25: 87-96. (*co- first; Plant science ranking: 175/222)

*Hsin-Hung Lin, *Kuan-Hung Lin, Su-Ching Chen, Yu-Hsing Shen and Hsiao- Feng Lo (2015) Proteomic analysis of broccoli (Brassica oleracea) under high temperature and waterlogging stresses. Botanical Studies 56:18. (*co- first; Plant science ranking: 113/222)

*Jeng-Shane Lin, *Hsin-Hung Lin, Yu-Chi Li, Yu-Chi King, Ruei-Jin Sung, Yun- Wei Kuo, Chih-Ching Lin, Yu-Hsing Shen and Shih-Tong Jeng (2014) Carbon monoxide regulates the expression of the wound-inducible gene ipomoelin through antioxidation and MAPK phosphorylation in sweet potato. Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 5279-5290. (*co-first; Plant science ranking: 14/222)

Vincent H.-S. Chang, Diane H.-A. Yang, Hsin-Hung Lin, Gregory Pearce,Clarence Ryan, Yu-Chi Chen (2013) IbACP, a sixteen-amino- acid peptide isolated from Ipomoea batatas leaves,induces carcinoma cell apoptosis. Peptides 47: 148-156. (Biochemistry and molecular biology ranking: 146/290)

Wen-Yu Liu, Yao-Ming Chang, Sean Chun-Chang Chen, Chen-Hua Lu, Yeh- Hwa Wu, Mei-Yeh Jade Lu, Di-Rong Chen, Arthur Chun-Chieh Shih, Chiou- Rong Sheue, Hsuan- Cheng Huang, Chun-Ping Yu, Hsin-Hung Lin, Shin-Han Shiua, Maurice Sun- Ben Kui, and Wen-Hsiung Li (2013) Anatomical and transcriptional dynamics of maize embryonic leaves during seed germination. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110: 3979-3984. (Multidisciplinary sciences ranking: 5/64)

Yu-Hsing Shen, Yu-Huei Chen, Hao-Yun Liu, Fang-Yi Chiang, Yi-Chieh Wang, Liang-Yu Hou, Jeng-Shane Lina, Chih-Ching Lin, Hsin-Hung Lin and Shih- Tong Jeng (2013) Expression of a gene encoding β-ureidopropionase is critical for pollen germination in tomatoes. Physiologia Plantarum 150: 425-435. (Plant science ranking: 56/222)

Jeng-Shane Lin, Chih-Ching Lin, Hsin-Hung Lin, Yu-Chi Chen and Shih-Tong Jeng (2012) MicroR828 regulates lignin and H2O2 accumulation in sweet potato on wounding. New Phytologist 196: 427-440. (Plant science ranking: 7/222)

Chih-Ching Lin, Pei-Ju Jih, Hsin-Hung Lin, Jeng-Shane Lin, Ling-Lan Chang, Yu-Hsing Shen and Shih-Tong Jeng (2012) Nitric oxide activates superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase to repress the cell death induced by wounding. Plant Molecular Biology 77: 235-249. (Plant science ranking: 30/222)

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*Chih-Ching Lin, *Chung-Fu Chu, *Pu-Huan Liu, *Hsin-Hung Lin, Shih-Chien Liang, Wei-En Hsu,Jeng-Shane Lin, Hsin-Mei Wang, Ling-Lan Chang, Ching-Te Chien and Shih-Tong Jeng (2011) Expression of an Oncidium Gene Encoding a Patatin-Like Protein Delays Flowering in Arabidopsis by Reducing Gibberellin Synthesis. Plant and Cell Physiology 52: 421-435. (*co-first; Plant science ranking: 18/222)

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Yi-Ching Liu, Hsin-Hung Lin, Hsi-Mei Lai and Shih-Tong Jeng (2005) Detection of genetically modified soybean and its product tou-kan by polymerase chain reaction with dual pairs of DNA primers-proof. European Food Research and Technology 221: 725-730. (Food science and technology ranking: 61/133)


Yao-Ming Chang, Hsin-Hung Lin and Wen-Hsiung L (2018) Cis-trans evolution of chloroplast development regulator genes in plants. The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution conference, Yokohama

Hsin-Hung Lin, Hsiang June Chen, Putu Puja W and Wen-Hsiung Li (2016) Maize GOLDEN2-LIKE transcription factors reveal different functions during flowering time. The International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, Korea

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